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When paying with the Indonesian Rupiah for the first time, I must admit, I felt a little bit overwhelmed. Never before have I held so much money in my hands. I mean never before could I name myself a millionaire ;-)) Although Bali is not an expensive country it’s good to have some money related know-how before going there.

So let’s start with the most crucial thing you need for traveling:




In Bali you can’t pay with credit card everywhere. Only the bigger and more touristic places offer credit card paying. A lot of little restaurants and shops don’t have access to it. So having cash is a must.

It’s good to have not too much though. So when I arrived I took 150 Euros with me. Better don’t change it straight at the airport cause the exchange rate is better in an area like Kuta or Sanur. You’ll get there around 3-5% more.

The current exchange rate you can find here.

Best option is withdrawing at an ATM

You don’t need to worry, you will find a lot of ATM’s. On every ATM there’s a sticker which shows if either 50’000 or 100’000 IDR bank notes will be offered. Usually there are no fees for withdrawing but be aware of there are some exceptions who will charge you.


Credit Cards


Most major credit cards are accepted in Bali, so you won’t have any problems. I would recommend taking two with you and you are on the save side if one gets lost or won’t work. These are the ones I made use of.


Can be used worldwide for withdrawing and paying. Withdrawing without any fees –  for all people with a privatconto plus. Otherwise it will be CHF 12.- per month. More infos you’ll find here.


With this card you can withdraw and paying worldwide. It’s without any charge for the card itself but for withdrawing you pay Euro 5.- and paying USD 1.- each time. It’s a refill card, so when you lose it you will get refund for the money that was on it and there’s no connection to your bank account. To top up the card it only takes 30 minutes. More infos here.




As with everything it depends on your preferences. You can travel Bali on a very high standart, or like me prefer it on a budget and still enjoy the good llife. So let’s get startet:


FOOD – Depends if you eat at a local indonesian Warung or choose more fancy food – you will get a good meal from 15.000 IDR (1 Euro) up to 80.000 IDR (6 Euro)

ACCOMODATION – I paid 126.000 – 250.000 IDR / 8 – 16 Euros per night

MASSAGE – ca. 60.000 – 100.000 IDR / 4 – 7 Euros (haggling is normal)

SURF LESSON – ca. 200.000 – 300.000 IDR / 13 – 19 Euros for 1 1/2 . 2 hours lesson

SURFBOARD RENTAL – ca. 40.000 – 70.000 IDR / 2.50 – 4.50 Euro for 2 hours

BIER (BINTANG) – ca. 18.000-25.000 IDR / 1 – 1.60 Euro

COCONUT – ca. 10.000 – 25.000 IDR / 0.60 – 1.60 Euro

MOTORCYCLE 1 DAY – ca. 50.000 IDR / 3 Euro

LAUNDRY – 15.000 – 20.000 IDR per kilo / 1 – 1.30

CAR RENTAL – 250.000 IDR per day / 16 Euro

TAXI – 20.000 – 100.000 IDR / 1.30 – 6.40 Euro depends on the distance. With bluebird taxi you have a fix price, which starts at 50.000 IDR. Make sure to always make a fix price from the start when you enter a taxi.


Do you have me some more costs to complement this list? I’m keen on hearing your experiences in the comments below!


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