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That was the very first question I asked myself about Kuta. Should I really go there? Mainly cause I would not describe myself as a party lion. Of course i’m in my twenties and like some action and dancing, meeting new people, having fun. But who doesn’t? What I don’t like is staying at a place where people are too drunk to be in control of themselves anymore. No thanks. I know better ways to have fun which doesn’t involve feeling sick and miserable next day. But as so often, it comes differently then planned. So it happened that I’ve stayed in Kuta for ten days and I had such an incredible good time there that I have to tell you about it. Lets start from the beginning:




The hotel “Legian Loft” was a great choice. As you see in the picture above the rooms are quite big, clean and spacious. In the room I was staying, in the third floor, it was also quite noiseless. In the evening you could here some noises now and then cause the big main roads is just around the corner, but in my opinion it’s bearable. Therefore you have restaurants, bars and massage just next to you and if you like to go out just 15 minutes by foot to “Skygarden” and with a. The price was 14 Euros per night.

The beach is easy accessible by foot within 8 minutes. It’s the last part of “Kuta Beach”. If you walk 8 more minutes you’re already at “Legian Beach”. There are some local sellers at the beach. It didn’t bother me, it’s just their business and they also have to make their living. Stay respectful and they go further as they know you don’t gonna buy.

We found a wonderful surf spot and very friendly surf teachers close to “Pullman Resort”. I had two surf lessons with a teacher and from then on went alone. But still they kept looking from time to time if everything is alright and we always could sit under the umbrella with them together.  One of the best experiences is for me to make new friends somewhere, get to know people and their culture, listen to their stories. Sharing a good laugh. They told us most of them are from Indonesia and worked in Bali to support their families. We played chess together with them, and they used to sing often and play the guitar. And I drank a looot of fresh coconut haha. And as you know from my previous post – I can perfectly understand now why people get surf addict.




There are some places I would go again when going back to Kuta. The first one is for people who want to join night-life. It’s a much club as it is a restaurant. “Skygarden” is located on the main road just some meters next to Kuta beach and is the biggest and best known place for celebrating and dancing. You pay around 100’000 IDR entry fee which includes all you can eat and drink (non- and alcoholic drink) from 5 – 9 pm. On the roof-top terrace the restaurant consists of a buffet where on every day of the week another dish is offered. I would recommend you going on Tuesday as they have mexican food then – enchiladas and tacos – reaally delicious! The other days the buffet is often pretty similar, just some little changes like another meat, or additional you get dumplings instead of the chicken wings. Mainly the buffet consists of a big varieties of salads, legumes and potatoes, rice, sometimes nudles and of course meat. You also get a little dessert if you like. Usually watermelon and a little pastry or pudding.


Pizza & Pasta Night

Mexican Tacos & Enchiladas

Wings from Around the World

Snitzels, Goulash, & Dumplings

Smoke House BBQ Chicken & Ribs

Steak & Seafood Night

Traditional Sunday Roast

After your generous meal you can dance the night away on one of the four dancefloors they have. Their DJ’s are top! If you like dancing you can’t resist to shake a leg. Find their current program here.


Whereas “Skygarden” is a very touristic, westernised place and you merely find locals going there. The bar I’m introducing you now is perfect for a good relaxed evening out, dancing and having some drinks. It’s called “Apache Reggae Bar” and as the name implies you have at least to like reggae a little bit, otherwise it’s probably not your choice. They play live music and there are a lot of locals as well as tourists dancing there. You can check it out here.




One of my favorite places was this little café cald “Rice Paddy Cafe“. It serves indonesian, italian and american food and just has opened newly this year in July. I looved the juices there! The prices are reliable and especially the cosy atmosphere in this café is what I liked the most.

Overall I can say just go to the warungs where a lot of people are eating. That’s always the best review if or if not to eat at the place. With this rule your pretty good to go. Personally I never had an upset tummy and we have also ate at very cheap places where it did’nt look so neat.Otherwise trip advisor is and was always a loyal friend when deciding where to eat. Or you search for on google maps what nearby. Usually all restaurants and warungs have their menus and prices obvious in front of their entries, so you first can have a look if you like it. For me it’s one of the most fun things to do in holidays trying out new food and restaurants. Enjoy!


So this is it. A short overview of impressions od what I did and why I liked Kuta finally, even though at the beginning I thought this is the place I want to skip for sure. If you still think it’s not the place for you, maybe you want to give Seminyak a try. Still close to all the other places like Kuta and Canggu but with a bit more high-end feeling.


What are your impressions of Kuta? Want to know all MUST-SEE places → take a look at my Bali-Travelguide for you.


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