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Last weekend I’ve had visit from a dear friend from Italy, more precisely from Milan. It was the first time we saw each other again after one and a half-year. I met her when I was in Australia, on a dive boat at the Whitsundays.

When she came visiting me last weekend it was the first time ever that she was in Zurich and I showed her some of the beautiful places Zurich has to offer. Somehow I felt like a tourist in my own native country, it was real fun 😉 For you I have additional insider tipps which I haven’t had the time to show my friend last time. But if you stay a while longer I wouldn’t want to miss out:



We started our tour at the Zurich HB the main train station of Zurich. We turned to the right and followed the streets along the river. This part is called Niederdörfli. With a wide variety of restaurants, bars, shops and even cinemas it’s the beautiful old town part and a real gem. If you ask me a must-see, it’s one of my favorite parts of the city.

You can just stroll through the aisles and observe people, spot the detailed old buildings and narrow paved streets. Your eyes will catch something new everytime you’re there. And this all without too much bustle, but moreover in a relaxed atmosphere .



This church is located directly next to the river and on your way from Niederdörfli to the opera-house. I recommend you climbing the southern tower called Karlsturm for stunning views of the city and the lake to the Alps which frame the background picture perfect. Another great thing, it’s for free.



I must admit I was never inside the opera-house yet, but it must be impressive! Even from outside the building catches one’s attention immediately.

Besides theatre and ballet they also offer every month some days where you can have a guided tour in 1.5h and find out about the history while walking through the dressmaking department, the wardrobe, the make-up and props departments, and onto the stage. The entry fee is just CHF 10.-. The dates for the tours can you find here.



If you made your way down to the opera house just cross the street and you’re facing the big zurich lake eventually. Have a break from the city hustle and go for a walk along the lake, or do a boat trip. What’s also fun in summer is renting a pedal boat.



This is one of my favorite places in summer. It’s a bar under open sky and was once a public outdoor pool. Now there’s still the pool but surrounded with lots of chill out opportunities, deck chairs, a nice bar where you can get drinks and pizza and good chill out music. During summer it usually opens at 4 pm. Now that it’s colder there’s a special offer for their guests with outdoor fondue till 28th of october and open doors from 17.30pm until freezing 🙂 For more informations visit their site here.



Back again into the hustling city. The core of zurich is probably the luxury shopping street named Bahnhofstrasse. Here is where most of the people will be found. Stores like Manor, H&M, Mango, or Zara are offering their goods next to luxury brands like Channel, Burberry or Dior.



The Prime Tower is the perfect place to round off your day in Zurich, or start into the night. It’s the highest building in Switzerland and provides you with a fantastic few. Best time to be there is when it’s dark and the lights of the city shine bright below you. It’s not solely a platform but more a restaurant including a bar with glass walls called  Clouds. There is usually a short waiting period when you go for a drink, otherwise make sure to make a reservation beforehand.



Next to the Prime Tower this beautiful urban garden with it’s unique bar is the place where national meets international, where banker and the lady next door are going for having a good time. Sitting in the middle of old boxcars, a lot of greenery and protected by sunshade, life feels good. Whether you go for a drink, or for dinner you will enjoy your time for sure. During the cold months they offer Fondue for their guests – have a look here.


Did you know that Zurich has the most clubs per capita in Europe? If you have the opportunity make sure to get the experience of Zurich’s vibrant night life. Check it out here.


Have you also been to one of these places, or have another favorite? I would love to here about it in the comments ♥


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