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Do you consider to visit Sydney on your Australia journey? Get inspired by the top places you have to see in this amazing city!

I love Sydney. Over 8 million people are living in this city, that’s as much population as entire Switzerland has. Do you imagine it to be a pretty buzzling, crowded place and quite overwhelming? Well to my surprise it wasn’t. Whenever I met Australian people they were very friendly, laid-back and open. During 4 months in Australia I spent 3 of them in Bondi. Bondi beach is world-famous for its surf-cultur and is a suburb of Sydney. In this 3 month living there (I was going to an english-language school) I had the chance to discover a lot of beautiful spots in and around of Sydney, that I’d like to share with you. These are the top places to visit in Sydney:


Bondi has such a great vibe. Definitely include it when you go to Sydney. I would stay there at least for 4 days and even though I stayed there for 3 months I never got tired of this place. As I mentioned above it’s a very famous place to surfers, though if you’re a beginner I would not recommend to start your first tries there. Better join a surf camp at a beach outside of Sydney and save it for later.

You will find a lot of people who sell their used surfboards for under $100 dollars in the worldwide web, so just have a look if you plan to give it a go.



There are everywhere cool places in Bondi. I don’t even really need to give any recommendations, just go ahead and look what you like to eat. Some of my favorite places are these ones:


MOO Gourmet Burgers Bondi Beach


Like the name says a place where you can get REALLY great burgers. They serve burgers with different sorts of meat, as well as fish and options for vegetarian and vegan people with haloumi-cheese, fallafel-balls and legume-burger. Oh and you really need to try their sweet potato fries. Never ever had such crispy ones like there. Location is on the right side before you get to the beach.

Society Pizzeria Di Catania Bondi

This cute little restaurant makes their Pizza traditionally the italian way with a brick oven. While this makes the dough really delicious what makes this Pizzeria so outstanding is the offer of countless variations of Pizzas you can get there. On request they make Gluten-free dough as well. Especially worthy is it to go on a Monday or Tuesday. Why? Because then you will get “All you can eat” for $20 and try as many sorts and pieces as you’re capable of. We even got offered a Nutella Pizza once for free, probably because we became regular guests there 😉 If you want to go, I highly recommend you to make a reservation beforehand. The place is rather small and like you can imagine pretty popular.


ANITA La Mamma del gelato

Another place for italian food lovers. There are a lot of really great ice-cream parlors among the beach, but this was one of my favorite ones. 100% made by natural products, you will find there every flavor of ice cream you ever dreamed of and more. Bounty, Cookieman, Tiramisu, Rum, Ferrero, Catalan Cream are just a small amount of types you get there. Also Sorbet, Yogurt and Vegan lovers will get satisfied their sweet-tooth here. Check out their beautfiul made homepage here.


The Bondi Juice Company

When you’re in Australia you won’t get away without eating banana-bread. If you’re in Bondi make sure to try the one in Bondi Junction from the Bondi Juice Company. If you take it toasted you will be on cloud nine by just the smell of their yummi banana bread. Take care you don’t get addicted like I did, cause it’s more a cake than a bread but less sweet and super moist. Oh and not to forget try the good juices and smoothies you get there <3


Balcony Bar & Dining Bondi Junction

Do you want to get really good fish and chips? Then this is your place to go. Nice balcony for having drinks and beer.


El Topo

Cool place in Bondi Junction for going out, having some drinks and dancing.




Icebergs Pool

Actually I never was swimming in there but would do it next time defenitely. It’s a landmark of Bondi Beach for over 100 years now and located at the right sight of the beach.


Coastal Walk to Coogee

This was one of my favorites while being in Bondi. There’s a coastal walk where you can take a stroll at sunset or go for a run along the beach. And it feels like an endless road just beach, the sea and stunning cliffs where the waves are breaking. You will always find people and jogger there from early morning till dawn. After some stretch you will find yourself at the next little townbeach.

BBQ Culture

When there’s one other thing Australia is famous for next to kangaroos and surfer-boys then it’s there love for barbeque. In Switzerland people meet after work for a drink, in Australia it’s for BBQ. They genious thing is you just have to bring food and beverage and napkins or plates. At seemingly every proper beach or camping place there is a BBQ station with a gasgrill.


Beach Vibes

Self explanatory 🙂 just enjoy, relax, surf and get carried away by the aussie-way of living.


Bondi Markets

Every Sunday from 9am – 4pm at the Bondi Beach Public School on Campbell Parade is a cute market that sells nice jewellery, bohemian dresses, music instrument, smartphone covers and and and. Also foodies will enjoy walking along the stalls.



You can do a lot of shoopping in Bondi. Along the beach you have a lot of surfer-shops, brands like Billabong, Roxy, Quicksilver and so on to just name a few, you will find them all at Bondi Beach. Otherwise Bondi Junction is great for shopping. There is a huge Westfield shopping-center with many many shops inside so for every interest is something provided. On the top-floor is a big food corner where you can get asian food, sushi, pizza & pasta, healthy quinoa bowls, juices, sweets etc. And of course not to forget the nice little avenue at Bondi Junction where you can just stroll through all the little souvenir shops and sometimes also find a market during week or attractions at the weekend.



Let’s move on to Sydney itself. There is a lot to do. Cause I was mainly in Bondi I will just give you some quick overview of places I know, but surely there is a lot more to do and see.

Sydney Tower Eye

One of the main tourist attractions and so often you are wondering if it’s worth it or not. I personally think it was worth it and I would do it again and recommend you going before sunset. Watching all the blinking lights from above is really beautiful.

Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge

The Opera House is the world famous icon for Sydney and has a fascinating story behind the unique, eyecatching architecture. Book yourself a guided tour to learn more about the history. The Harbor Bridge is beautiful at night and day and a lot of tourists do the Bridge Climbing which I heard must be a very adventurous with a rewarding view on the city and the harbor.

The Rocks

Is the oldest part of Sydney and well-known for being the place where they took the prisoners from Britain, which where the first European people settling down in Australia. You will love the rocks, there is a lot of good places to eat, pubs, markets and the harbor close by.

Darling Harbor

At the harbor you can visit a Madam Tussaud’s Wax Cabinett, a SEA LIFE Center and the Wildlife City Zoo. And there’s a lot of nighlife going on. Check out a club called “Home” with several floors to dance.


Nightlife in Sydney is a little different then the one we’re used to in Switzerland. Drinking alcohol in public areas is strictly prohibited and you are not allowed to go back in a club after 1.30am once you’re out there. It’s called the lockout-law. But you will have a good time anyways. There’s also a Fullmoonparty from time to time at the Darling Harbour.


Royal Botanic Gardens

This beautiful garden is home to 30 hectars of greenery like orchids, palm groves, and other tropical plants. What I highly recommend you is going to the Vivid Art Festival in Sydney if you’re there during the end of may to the middle of june. A big area beginning at the harbor bridge to the opera house and the botanical garden are decorated with lights and attracting many visitors with light shows, music and bars.

Manly Beach

Is also one of the suburbs of Sydney. What I liked the most except the nice beach and laid-back atmosphere was the ferry-raid. Just alone the ferry-raid is worth it to go there. But you have to make sure you will stay at Manly shortly before sunset and then take the ferry back to Sydney. The bright from red into pink and violet transfering sunset is just magical.


Hyde Park

A nice park in the city center to eat your lunch and give your shopping day a little break.


So this was my little tourguide for you for visiting Sydney and it’s neighbourhood. Like I said it has so much to offer you will never get bored and it’s a fantastic place if you are considering making a language school there. You can also get to a lot of nice beaches outside from Sydney pretty fast or to the world heritage area of the Blue Mountains.

Hope you enjoyed it. Have you also been to Sydney? Would love to read what you like the most in the comments below 🙂





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  • Ellie

    February 4, 2018

    Another Swiss blogger! Hey there!!!<3

    • jane

      February 5, 2018

      Hi Ellie
      So nice to here from you! <3 You're blog is beautiful!

  • Fabienne

    January 27, 2018

    This top places in australia you described sound all very interesting and beautiful. Till today I have never been in australia, but would really like to go. Thanks for your amazing tips you shared with us! ☺️

    • jane

      January 28, 2018

      Hi Fabienne
      Thank you very much! Makes me really happy to hear that. I’m sure you would love Australia as much as I did. It’s such a wonderful country, full of kind people and the nature is so diverse, no place looks like the other. Let me know if you go there too <3

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