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Paris is a city full of charm and history. It’s one of those European cities you have to see at least once in your life. Every year more than 25 million people come to visit the french city. Even though being very popular amongst travellers there are some funny & surprising facts you’re probably never heard of the city of love.



1. Original name

The first name of Paris was Lutetia due to its Roman origin.



2. Traffic

There’s a saying that only one single stop sign is standing in the entire city. If you ever drove by car through the streets of Paris you now know why it is so horrifying to drive there as a tourist.



3. City of light

Worldwide known as the city of love, or light – Paris got this name because it was one of the very first cities having a street lightening system.



4. Une baguette s’il vous plaît

Did you know there’s an official law for the most famous Parisian bread? It’s mentioned the exact size and also dough consistency the baguette needs to have.



5. Gastronomy

Some more food facts: Paris is the place with the highest percentage of Michelin stars. With more than 70 places every gourmet will be on cloud nine. If you’re on a budget but want to experience it anyway try to eat at lunchtime there.



6. Fashion

Coco Chanel was living in the Ritz hotel in Paris for 34 years. When Paris Fashion Week is taking place prices for the room she was living in go upwards of €28’000.-



7. Eiffel Tower

There were several people who jumped from the Eiffel Tower but non of them died. Once a women jumped and landed on top of a car and eventually got married to the driver of the car. That’s the magic of the city of love I guess.



8. Seasons

Autumn is considered to be the best season to visit the city of love not only because of the coloured trees but also because it’s the time for sales in malls and discounts on entries for many museums, art galleries and other tourist attractions.



9. Language

Parisian people are very fond of their French, so don’t be surprised to get no English answer back.



10. Copy & Paste

Overall there are 38 cities across the world named Paris. Even one in Panama.



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