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No matter if you are a solo traveler, or going with your friend / partner in crime you will not be alone for long, that’s for sure. Travelers are always keen on hearing where you’re from, your story and motivation for your journey. The easiest way to connect is bystaying in a shared accomodation, or packpacker residence, book a guided tour, shuttle transportation and often you already find some travel body at the airport who’s gonna share you company.


I can go to whatever unique place and country and experience the most outstanding and remarkable time in my life, however, the one thing which i’m always going to take with me is – myself. You can’t escape from yourself. It’s this one big lesson which can change your whole travel adventure, better it will not just change traveling but your life:


You really will open up doors of opportunities as soon as you start being your own best friend. You’re going to spend the whole beautiful rest of your life with yourself. If not you – who else can better direct your perspective in life than you do? The last decision with every action / inaction, every thought and feeling is always up to you. Therefore treat yourself as best as you can.

Make your own company the best you have. Cause it’s the only company you can’t switch if you feel uncomfortable. You always will be with yourself no matter which place you go. The angle of view starts in our minds. We are all seeing with our unique fomed mindset, even tough are eyes might staring at the same object.

At the end the decision how we feel about ourself, the life we live and the moments we experience is only up to ourselfs. You can be at the most breathtaking place on earth and still feel empty or unsatisfied inside. It’s another kind of adventure that requires a lot of stamina and willpower, but it’s going to become easier and easier the more you’re practicing to shift your perspective to the things you want to have in your life. The company you want to have around you all the time & the view you want to have when opening your eyes for the world. Keep going ♥️


It can be said about so many different topics in life. The less you have the more you own. More lifetime. More quality time . More carelessness. More freedom.

Nowadays we have so much luxury and wealth in our life. I’m such a blessed person to be aible to go to the supermarket, choose what to buy from these wide range of delicious foods we can have and have such a wonderful life where I don’t have to worry about getting hungry or not knowing where to sleep. And I’m really greatful. I really am. Getting attached to material stuff tough is more easy than ever in a world where we don’t see anymore from where the product is coming from, how it was made, and from what materials. We don’t think about the whole production procedure anymore. Only thing that counts is getting it for the best price. And I wan’t say I’m not as well buying like that. I’ts just how the society grows. And we all just swim in there.

Less is more because we can appreciate again what we have. We don’t feel the greedy need to buy everything straight in the moment when a commercial or that youtube video let’s us think we would be prettier, more successful or loved if we just would own this one more thing (from which we actually already have ten more similiar ones).

We all are trying to create a lifetime to remember. But the truth is we want remember how many diamonds we stored in our cupboards. We will remember the feeling we experienced in ourlife. And satisfaction can never be reached with satisfying the greedy monster. It will always want more. The bigger it gets the more it’s starting to rumor and grumble and the less happy it is. And at some point it might get so overwhelmed with everything that it totally loses control. So what has it to do with traveling?

Traveling gives us a good chance to let go. Let go of things and circumstances we don’t like, but also things we always thought we could’nt be without. Suddenly the recognition comes how few we need and we even feel more alive and happy than we felt before. Saying no to the urge to buying something doesn’t mean you should dispense with everything. But decide more aware of what really counts. The less we have the less we worry about what others have, about losing material things and the more time we have to spend with people, or activities we love – or just sitting in the shadow of a tree enjoying the birds singing. Live can be so simple.


Yes, there are unbelievable many varieties of how to live life on this big planet. It starts by what we eat, to the climate of a country, the vegetation, the culture, the language, etc… The list could be neverending. But in the end we’re all one. By meeting knew people, seeing a glimpse through their eyes and hearing their stories we suddenly realise we’re not that different from each other.

Meet new people, get to know their believes and dreams and you will not only develope a love for another culture and lifestyle but also see that we all are connected with each other and it’s this love what makes our lives bright. We’re all the same living beings.
With love


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  • Anonymous

    March 5, 2018

    Pretty great post. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wanted to mention that I have truly loved browsing your blog posts.
    After all I’ll be subscribing to your feed
    and I am hoping you write once more very soon!

    • jane

      March 5, 2018

      Thanks you! Love to hear that you enjoyed reading my posts 🙂 Soon there will be coming a lot more destinations and also lifestyle inspiration. And I’m always interested to hear recommendations for new posts. Hearing you soon.

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