6 secrets on how you get affordable flights

By jane

Are you planing your next big journey? One of the first steps you now probably looking forward to make is getting a flight, right?

For me it’s always some of the very first things I’m looking for when planing for a voyage and I’m pretty sure it’s yours too. As I’m recently planing for my world around adventure I read more travel blogs than ever before in my life. And along all kind of questions that popped into my head during this preparation time, there was a big question mark appearing on when to book a flight. When is it possibly the best time to book and are there any secret hacks worth knowing?

1. browser activities

Have you ever searched for a flight and later on (maybe a couple of hours) the flight charge already increased? A lot of flight search engines are saving your data and make sure that you book as soon as possible cause you don’t want the ticket to get even more pricey. Well you can protect yourself by disabling your cookies!

2. Weekdays

There is some saying that on Tuesdays the flight prices displayed will be the best ones, while others say this isn’t the case. From my personal experience it happened to me some times that flights were cheaper on a Tuesday. Whatsoever definitely make sure booking during workdays. You will get the better deals than on the weekends.

3. Search engine

That’s probably something almost all of you know or use already but I want to mention it anyway. Flight search engines are crucial to compare the best possible price and timing. But not all of them show you the same flight for the same conditions. They also want to make their business flourish and want their part of the cake. I compared many different sites, but from my experience Skyscanner was always the one with the best options. You can also take a look at the flight fares of a whole month to make sure you got the most affordable one.

4. Timing is everything

As so often in live the right timing is key and should also be applied for booking your flight. As I read on multiple travel platforms it’s recommended to book either at least 3 months or 6 weeks in advance and always make sure to check the days before and after your desired departure date. Sometimes it can make a really HUGE difference due to holidays or other events that taking place in the country you want to visit.

5. Layover and Stayover

Maybe you want to consider booking your flight with a connecting destination where you want to stay for some longer time than just a quick 2-3 hours. This way you can see 2 countries for the price of 1 flight. Good search engines are:

6. Compare locations

Make sure to search connections from different airports. There are cities that even have two airports in one place. You can consider to go with a public transportation to your final destination and begin your trip at another place, which might be are real secret gem to discover too.

I hope this tips will help you find the best possible flight fares out there! If you know any other recommendations feel free to write it in the comments down below…♥ Do you want to book your accommodation for the first days of your arrival?

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