Did you also stumble upon the topic of HOW TO SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE more and more this time? Maybe you have asked yourself what it’s all about or you have read a book about the subject as I did. However, I always felt very lucky being born in Switzerland where we have such a wealth of possibilities on everything. You go into the supermarket and you can not only choose between an apple and a tomato but also from a green or a red apple, if you want it sweet, bitter, or something in between. Really I feel so blessed.

And as we all love being updated about new trends, healthy food and the latest tech gadget, it sometimes feels a bit overwhelming, right? Overwhelmed by the variety to choose from, overwhelmed with the promises a product whispers in our ear, overwhelmed with the urge to need that certain piece of object and lastly overwhelmed with the shrinking capacity of our cupboards.Even though I count myself not to the possessive shoppers, who are spending their whole free time in shopping-malls.

Some habits we learn while growing up are depending strongly on our societies behaviour and some we are never really questioning. But today we do. Here are:


7 Reasons why to start simplifying today and how to actually do it.


1. Gratitude

I write this first place because it makes life so much more valuable if you always remind yourself what you’re grateful for. When my parents tell me about their childhood and that they got chocolate or some mandarins for christmas and that this gifts have been a big thing for them then it remembers me how blessed I am. I have enough from everything. Even more than that. And that’s something I think we should always be aware of when little problems cross our path. Always be thankful for what you already have.

2.  Less is more

This is also one of the mantras you read everywhere. But there’s a reason for it. Have you ever bought something, but as soon as you have been home got a crisis by the sight of the many similar pieces you already posses? And it takes room to store all those belongings. By all the joy and greatness it gives us the ability to buy beautiful things which enrich our life, it can also take our inner peace and freedom away.

If you have less you’re more care free. And of course you safe money as well, or at least use it for things which give you more satisfaction in long-term. You have more space in your home. You have less to store, to clean, to be worried about. The less you pack the lighter and carefree you’re traveling will be – cause in the end we don’t have to own so much to have a good and happy life. Don’t let your stuff own you.

3. Time

Yes time, it some value we realise sometimes to late. While we work hard to fill our life with all that makes us happy, time is something we give in exchange. The more it’s important to do something you truly love doing, that gives your life meaning. There’s this quote that passions are not random, they are our calling. So take time for doing things that make your heart smile.. . We will not have to chase for all the stuff but instead spend time with people who fill our time with laughter and joy. Or learn a new skill, a language, making time for our hobbies. Or just do nothing at all. Because sometimes that’s all we need. Just relax and enjoy being and becoming peaceful in- and outside.

4. Resources

As a consumer it’s sometimes easy to forget how much it takes to actually produce a product. The hard work, the long shipping, the many hands it took to manifest the end product which I can buy in the store eventually. Sometimes it freaks me out how all this is so taken for granted. I also have to remind myself constantly. We don’t see the real value of a product or a service anymore. It’s just the price that counts.

Having in mind where it comes from, how it is produced, (which should be more considered anyways) can change so much. Buying more thoughtful, and with more awareness also in aspect of the waste we generate by consuming is mind-blowing. If everybody would just face up to this a little more it would reduce a lot of waste too. Inform ourself about the plastic pollution in the world –  It takes 500-1`000 years for plastic to degrade.

5. Artificial ingredients

Cooking and eating simpler is one of the most effective way for a healthy diet. It would be so easy if we wouldn’t be all time distracted by artificial processed foods, sugar and nice packaging which promises us the world. The best way to nutrition our body is as natural as possible. That’s no secret at all but still takes some time and endurance to keep track to that lifestyle.
We should allow our sweet tooth to have some candy from time to time, but more on a level of special occasions. Our bodys will thank us later and with time heal from all the toxic that we have put in it for years. As consumers we have influence on the food industry and hopefully it will lead us to a more natural and less harmful way of nutrition and production at some time.

6. Slow down

Take time off. For yourself. It might be an hour for yourself, a day where you are just not available for anybody or anything despite yourself, or a weekend just doing nothing at all. Forget all the unimportant things. Learn to say no to invitations if you feel you need the energy for yourself. Disconnect, go out into the wild 🙂 Did you know there’s in Japan a medical therapy called “forest bathing”? Our overall immune system increases by 30% percent by just spending two hours in the forest. That’s something we can’t replace by a pill and is so simple.

7. Thoughts

Last but not least our mindset. It’s one of my favorite topics to talk about cause it infects our lives so much. And it’s the most effective, yet simple way to make an impact of how we feel in live. It is the key part of how we have action about given situations, how we influence our perception of life and how to have a choice about the final outcome of things we strive towards. If you want to know more about it I wrote a post about the POWER OF OUR MINDSET.

It all starts by choosing the right mindset. Let negative thoughts pass by and try to calm down your babbling mind. Create an energy which you want to surround yourself with and the rest will follow ♥


What are your thoughts about it? Do you already simplify your lifestyle?