The following  BEST DAY TRIPS from Tokyo will make your travel itinerary top notch! Promised!

Without a doubt Tokyo has a lot to offer. Everything is easy and affordable to reach. Ýou can see a LOT of beautiful places at a time! The inner districts can be visited in about 5-6 days.

But there is more not to be missed to round off your Tokyo experience. All you need is an IC Card and Google Maps to show you the most convenient connections. So let’s go!

1. Nikko

Nikko is one of the most popular day trips from Tokyo and that for a good reason. The shrines and Buddhist temples built in the 17th century, surrounded by the National Park and it’s over 400 years old trees is an impressive setting you won’t forget so fast.

2. Showa Memorial Park

The second place goes well deserved to a relatively unknown spot for tourists. I’ve mostly seen Japanese people there. It’s a real gem for all nature lovers!

You can spend the entire day in this huge Park. It’s a good escape of the city bustle. You will feel like you’re in another world. It looks like cotton candy land but with flowers instead of the  candy. But let the pictures speak for itself.

3. Kamakura

Kamakura lies on the coastal line just about one hour from Tokyo. Formerly known as the political centre, it’s now mostly visited for the Great Buddha of Kamakura. A 11.4 meters tall bronze statue. You also can have a closer look at the inside of the statue and how it was built back in the days.

But what really made this trip a highlight and why I would add it to your list, is a visit of the Hasadera Temple. There are a LOT of beautiful temples and shrines in Japan, alone in Tokyo and you can’t or don’t want to see them all. This though is worth your time and money.

What makes this temple so special is in my opinion the beautiful zen garden, the amazing views of Kamakura and the coastline and the dozens of little statues dedicated to the Goddess of health and beauty.

Little sidenote: You don’t need to buy any special bus or train tickets. These destinations are all reached within 2 hours. You will get there for a reasonable price, with your PASMO / SUICA Card, or JR Pass.

4. Lake Kawaguchiko

Another day trip is a visit to Mount Fuji area at Lake Kawaguchiko. Here you don’t do the walk at Mount Fuji itself, which as I heard is not that special at all, but moreover you enjoy the breathtaking scenery and presence of Mt. Fuji.

It’s the place where all the stunning photographs come from with the red Pagoda in front. A sight that is truly picturesque! Make sure to check the weather forecast in advance. To see Mt. Fuji you need a clear, blue sky.

Tickets for this trip must be purchased online in advance. For more informations go to


I hope you enjoyed this writing and the pictures and that it will help you to inspire your next big adventures! ❤️?