First Stop – Adelaide

By jane

Wow, what an adventure! For the first time in my life I flew further than just to some holiday destination in Europe.

Exactly 6 hours it took me to get to the first flight stop in Dubai. After 1.40h I already took off again-next stop Adelaide, Australia.
The fligth was very convenient. Both ways I flew with Emirates. The service, as well as the food have been very satisfying. The meals were not too big but just perfect for such a long flight. First I was a bit worried to fly such a long distance, but after all, I can say I totally enjoyed it. After watching some of the newest movies and eating my meals I already got a bit sleepy.. Some people had luck to have several seats for and make themselves comfortable.Though I haven’t managed it to fall asleep deeply, I had some short naps. Finally, after additionaly 12h more from Dubai to Adelaide I eventually made it. At this point I didn’t felt so tired at all, but the jet-lag came later on.

After getting our luggage, we got controlled at the check-out pretty strict. Beagles sniffed at our bags to make sure there was nothing prohibited in there. As for New-Zealand as well you have to declare if you bring any food etc. Make sure to check the restrictions first.

Adelaide is at the south of Australia. I’ve been there for 4 days and I think even though there would have been more to see, it was enough time, I would say also 3 days woul’ve been enough. So here are my recommendations of what I’ve seen:



Is a mixture between modern and old architecture. You can see the british influence. The streets are ordered in squares and at the beginning my orientation was pretty bad as I’m not used to that from Switzerland. Every street looked quite the same. The city center is nice to make some laid-back shopping day, stroll through the streets and enjoy the musicians on the main road.



Probably you have some day left after your shopping-trip, or even half a day to spend for another activity. In this case it’s really worth visiting the South Australian Museum and the Art Gallery of South Australia.

In the Museum you can not only learn a lot about the history and culture of Australia but also see all the equipments and tools the indigenous people made. There are wonderful dot paintings, whole bamboo ships, and even crocodiles to see.

The Art Gallery is also a must see and I’m not really a person who spent a lot of time in Museums in my lif. Though this one is worth a go. It offers a big variety of different artworks, made with all another technique and style, often with historical background – you will not be dissapointed. From sculptures, to ancient paintings and modern interpretation, to photography and futuristic 3D worlds, you will get captivated I’m sure. Let alone to say the building itself is an artwork of architecture with it’s high ceilings and the beautiful crafted stuccowork. Best thing – entrance is free.



Ok, so I’m an absolute beach lover, I had the earch to go to the beach as soon as somehow possible when I arrived in Australia. I mean where are the beaches longer and more beautful here? So next stop was Glenelg Beach. You can easily go there by tram. It takes around 25 minutes to get there and they drive all day long. The coastal village is very charming, clean and relaxed. the many beautiful white beaches and cute beach bars and restaurants invite you to stay and enjoy. But also water sports lover-, beach volleball-player and dolphin-admirer won’t get borred. I just loved this place.


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