Traveling is not just all about seeing beautiful places and far away cultures. It is also about extending the horizon of the world that we call our reality and learning about different values and ways of living. It’s highly possible that it will be the first time that you actually enjoy learning about history and really understand the impact of it on a country and its people.

You will feel united with the earth like never before: by spending your days outside, breathing in with every cell of your body the beauty of the nature, by standing on top of that mountain, swimming freely with the fishes in the deepest blue of the oceans and discovering cities with the eyes of a child.

But also you will learn so many things about yourself. About overcoming your concerns and fears and sharing your most intimate thoughts with people that have been complete strangers just a moment before. You will learn to accept unforeseen situations, without stressing out about things. Just let your life directing you to wherever it feels right and your heart says yes.

I’m a person that actually loved to have it all planned out, even better with a final goal in front of my eyes. But when you travel you have to let go of certainties to really get the whole experience. Too many set goals and ideas of how your journey is going to look like will just block you to make spontaneous decisions. Cause life might have an even greater plan for you! Plans that will lead you to meet special people along your journey, adventures that will change your perspectives, challenging you for personal growth beyond your limits. And this all leads me to the inside journey of traveling. The journey to yourself.

The inner journey happens alongside on your adventure. It happens from day one when you splurge into the unknown..

Traveling is one of the greatest ways for personal transformation. I would even say for many people it might be the number one reason why they even go traveling. Maybe not out of a conscious decision, but because the inner voice is calling to go.

Because we are seeking for something. For answers. For adventures. For emotions. For ourselves.

You will have to leave behind everything you know and be open to throw over board your manifested believes about the world and yourself. Make yourself ready to get life lessons told by total strangers, that make you wanna hug the world.

You will connect with yourself like never before, because you realize no matter where you go, you will always be in your own company. If you find a home in yourself you will never feel lonely again (or just very occasionally ?). Nowhere else you will find it but inside you. Create the feeling of a warm, loving, bright place in yourself.

You will transform and let go of manifested limitations of how you are expected to live life and what it has to look like.

You will be there all by yourself and have to rely on your intuition. But at the same time experience that we all are connected as one. We are all one bigger spirit. And while traveling you will feel this in so many ways.

You will have this beautiful connections, which can give you new directions and might give you that final push to see the bigger picture. There are this interactions where you magically connect to a person, a person that life is sending you. And you are sent to theirs.

You always will attract the people and circumstances that are meant to come into your life. For a life lesson, a perspective, an encouragement, or to find out what you’re looking or not looking for. Because the world is just the mirror of our own reflection. The world shows itself to us the way we feel about it. It all starts in our mind/ in our thoughts, by creating an inner picture of how the outer reality looks like.

One is for sure: You will have the journey of a lifetime! And it doesn’t matter how long your travels going to take. It can be two weeks, a month, a year. But in the end you will always take the treasures of your journey with you. Some of them might last forever. Some might be the kickstart to something new. But wherever you’re going in life make sure to enjoy the view along the way and be open to embrace all the love, joy, wisdom and miracles life has to offer for you!