Ubud is well known as the spiritual heart of Bali and this for a good reason! On no other place on the island you will find more Yoga Shalas, spiritual healers and Yogis than here.

But Ubud is not just for spiritual wisdom and health knowledge interested people, it also amazes with lush green landscapes. You will be surrounded in the middle of jungles and rice paddies with traditional hindu temples at every corner and handcrafted artwork shops on the streets.

I did love Ubud so much that my initial stay of four days turned into 14 days eventually. In this article I’m going to cover all the places I fell so much in love with and I bet – You will too! ♥

Tengalan Rice fields

This rice paddies are the most famous ones in whole Bali. It’s the place where all the beautiful looking Instagram pictures, with the big swings, are taken. Without a doubt it is really beautiful there! Big Palmtrees are surrounding the area and when you are lucky you will see the rice plants in the watery fields when they are green. But even during the harvest season it’s still worth to go! There is a small entrance fee and some donations expected when you walk through the fields. Just recently they added a lot of big electric swings in the rice fields. If you want to go to a less touristic place just continue reading and choose the next attraction. Though I would recommend to see both if you have the time!

Campuhan Ridge Walk

The Campuhan Ridge Walk is as it says a walk. A very beautiful one, a pathway along rice fields, plantations and palm trees. At the end of the walk you pass some local houses where some artists sell their paintings and you will find restaurants to make a rest and enjoy the amazing view in the lush green paradise!

Ubud Market

One of my favorite places for shopping in Bali. It’s in one big markethall with many little stalls surrounding it. You find everything there, from beautiful dresses, to wooden handcrafts, jewelry, instruments and food. Don’t forget to bargain! It’s usually a third or even less of the price they will offer you! Bargaining in Bali is actually really fun, cause the locals expect you to do it and are very friendly sellers. Just stay with your offer or walk away – and you get it for your price, except you really offered to less for the article.

Mount Batur

As with 1‘717 meters hight and being one of Balis still active volcanos, Mount Batur might be the most famous one for hikes.

Not just any hike, but one that is taking place at 2 am in the morning, leading you all the way up to the top of the mountain. With just a torch in your hand you will be guided through the black darkness of the night.

By shuttle bus you first drive an hour north of Ubud, to the bottom of Mount Batur where the adventure begins. About 2,5 hours it takes you to the top of the vulcano. Make sure to have good shoes, the walk takes you on rough paths with Lava stones and is pretty steep. But you will be rewarded with a view that is worth all the sweat and effort. When the sun rises up over the see and inks the horizon and the surrounding mountain chains in liquid gold you will be all taken away by the beauty of this place!

You get the tour for 400’000 IDR.

Luwak Coffee Production

I wouldn’t miss the chance to taste Balis world famous Luwak coffee. It’s said to be the most expensive one in the whole world. The speciality about Luwak coffee is the really strong taste and… drums roll – the process of production. It is the Luwak cat giving name and special flavor to the coffee beans… by eating and pooping out the bean, hence the uniqueness. No worries, the bean gets washed before the fabrication goes on. Though, I’m not a coffee lover it was definitely worth a visit. You not only get coffee but also different sorts of tea to try and delicious banana chips.

Places to eat:

Fair Warung Balè

Warung Don Biu

The Seeds of Life

Warung Pondok Madu

Melting Wok Warung

Bali Buda Ubud

Places for Yoga

The Yoga Barn

I can totally recommend you this yoga place! They have a big variety uoiof different yoga classes they offer, Tibetan Bowl Meditation, the traditional one, or even some with live music. Also there are special offers for dancing, yoga mixed with martial art or lectures to a specific topic. Check their website out. They offer Bungalows to stay at but if you’re traveling on a budget I highly recommend you staying at Bulan Bali Homestay which is practically next door, a two minute walk distance apart.

Places to stay

Bulan Bali Homestay

This was one of my favorite places to stay in Bali. Mainly for the reason that it was just perfectly located to visit the Yoga Barn, but also for all the other places to visit. And it’s brand new. They opend just recently so you can benefit of rest nice rooms. I was staying in a four bed female dormitory. The dorms all have their own shower inside and the rooms get cleaned every day which I very much appreciated. There’s breakfast included which is like at most hostels toast and tea. The stuff always was helpful and with a smile on their lips providing a really good hospitality! It’s a calm place where only the roasters are making some noise like everywhere in Bali. My friend and I stayed for two week at this place and I would go back there every time again. Oh and I forgot to mention the unbeatable price of 4 USD the night. Check it out with my link on Booking.com and get 10% of the price you pay back!

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I hope you enjoyed this article and that you will have a great trip to Ubud, Bali. ❤️