My name is Jane, a thirty something girl who loves taking photos of magnificent locations, products
and destinations in Switzerland and all around the world.

I always loved capturing special moments and scenes in the attempt to later on still see the colours as lively, smell the scents and feel the magic that has been experienced in this very one blink of an eye.

Do you want to inspire people to engage with your brand or company?

I do interior, product, lifestyle, event and destination photography. My aim is to support you standing out with the unique character and values of your business, no matter if it is for your social media or website presence.

My photography style is characterised by creating professional, unique looking and elegant pictures.

If you need everything from scratch for your website or social media presence, then I also do offer packages with branding a layout first-hand and the full content you will need; including photography and the matching captions.
Find more information about it here.

I am very much looking forward to get to know you. Let’s inspire! 

“If we look at the world with a love of life, the world will reveal its beauty to us.” Daisaku Ikeda

With lots of love,