Where to start your next trip to Italy better than in its capital, in Rome? A city with one of the richest historical and architectural histories in the world. You will feel like thrown back in time. It will make every adventurer’s heart beat faster.

One of the advantages when traveling in Rome is that the main attractions are pretty close to each other. Personally I did everything by foot, which made me feel less bad eating pizza all day, but of course there’s a good bus system running if you don’t want to walk all day long. One of the disadvantages of visiting Rome is… well you will not really find any place to your own. It’s a tourist hot spot. So here you will find some great tips how to plan your time

General information

So my very first recommendation is to start your day early. Especially in Rome but generally in all of the big, famous Italian cities. Even though you are in holidays and like to sleep a bit longer, it will be way more tiring to go for sightseeing when the big masses are coming too! Better start your day with the early morning sun rise (which is one of the best lightings anyway you can get for your pictures 😉 ) and actually enjoy the beautiful attractions around you without strained nerves. So for me this meant to leave between 7:30 and 8.00am.

Another way to ensure less hectic is to choose a month before or after peak season. This would be either: April – June or September – October.

The temperature is a lot more moderate, places less crowded as well as prices and choices of accomodation generally better.

The highlights you definitely want to see in Rome are the following:

Roman Forum

The Roman Forum was once used like a public area, as it was common in all Roman cities. This one though is the biggest one of all.

You can get a ticket which is valid for two days for the Roman Forum, Colosseum and Palatin Hills. Check out the Colosseum the other day in the morning when it opens to skip the long waiting.


Did you know that the Colosseum got damaged by an earthquake in 1349? Several of the stone pieces destroyed got used again to build churches, palaces and hospitals or other buildings.

Trevi Fountain

This fountain is italy’s most famous and largest fountain. Throw a coin & make a wish. But let me tell you if you want a picture in front the early morning hours will be your best friend again.

One coin ensures a trip back to Rome. Two coins are for the ones searching for love. Three coins for wedding bells.


The Pantheon is a greek word and means “honor all goods”. Actually today it’s a chuch but originally it was built as a tempel to all goods and is the best preserved Roman monument.

Fountain of Neptune

Nice for a relaxing stroll or lunch as there are many restaurants over the whole Piazza and a lot of great street musicians and artists drawing on big canvas).

Piazza Venezia

The Piazza Venezia is like the hub, a big square from where you can go to all attractions you want to see. It showcases the monument of King Vittorio Emmanuele II.

The Vatican

The Vatican is basically measured by landmass the smallest country in the world. On one hand it’s a holy city for Catholics and on the other one of the greatest archeological sites of Roman history with the largest church in the world.

Best be there 30 minutes before doors open. Otherwise you can stand in a queue for two hours and more to get inside. I would plan a half to one day for the Vatikan.

Where to eat

I would say it’s hard to find a place which is not serving good food so just go where your nose and eyes are taking you haha.

For some inspiration take a look at:

La Soffitta Renovatio

Gelateria Cinque

Mama Eat Roma

La Tavernetta 48

Jazz Cafè

There is a lot more to see due to your time left and your duration. What I always like to do is to mark all the places worth seeing, which have a good review on google maps. Like this you can also navigate offline as well.

The last tip would be to just start exploring this amazing city and walk every tiny street your feet walk you by coincidence. Often it’s the unexpected hidden places that totally astonish the most. Let’s get inspired ❤️

Rome is not the only city you plan to see? Then find the perfect two weeks Italy vacation itinerary here.