I’m a big fan of street art and today I want to take you on a journey which is a little bit different than others and will introduce you to some of my favorite places to find some delicate pieces.

It’s a place which will make you feel your inner child again, like the days when you were playing in the streets, chasing treasures and imagining castles around you. Let’s say it brings you back the memories of those times when your fantasy had no limits. So let’s no longer talk but rather start our little adventure. Lots of fun is guaranteed.

George Town Penang

We are starting in George Town, the hub of street art in Malaysia. It doesn’t matter where you start your search for the beautiful creations, cause no matter where you go exploring, there will be some hidden treasures just waiting for you to find them. So don’t worry that you need a tourist map on where to find the street art murals. You only need a free day of leisure time and curiosity.

But first of all, why do so many street artworks cover the walls of George Town?

Well, 2009 George Town was named a UNESCO heritage site and to celebrate this the Government announced a big competition for artists to create a “living museum” throughout the whole city.

Ernest Zacharevic

One of the big names you come across all the time is Ernest Zacharevic. He is a multi discipline contemporary and public artist born in Lithuania. Something very special about his artworks is that he incorporates the urban surrounding into it.

Many of his pieces are also interactive ones – means they also involve the audience to be a part of the artwork, which makes it a big attraction for selfie’s.

Louis Gan

Another artist which integrates the surrounding space in the street art murals is Louis Gan. He is a freelance artist and born in Penang.

Julia Volchkova Jim 

Julia Volchkova was born 1987 in Siberia and has started creating street art in several Asian countries and is now famous all over the world.

Oo Chun Hee and John Cheng

Some artworks are similar to graffitis like the one below. The style is from spray painting.


This painting showcases the message “Only you can stop air polution” and was created by the Kuala Lumpur based Graffiti artist Cloakwork.

There are also many artworks where the name of the creator is a mistery.


Malacca is another UNESCO world heritage city rather with the charm and relaxing vibe of a village than a city. The main center is spread along a little river where also most artworks can be found.

This wall painting is representing the ethnic-groups of Malaysia. The majority of people living in Malaysia is of Malay, Chinese or Indian heritage.

The below wall art mural was created as a celebration of Malaysia’s rich diversity by the cosmetic brand Kiehl’s and can be found in Jonker Street. The creator is called Fritilldea and its one of the largest artworks and continues along several house walls.


If you also make a visit to the country’s close neighbor Singapore then make a walk to Haji Lane and have a look at the below artwork at the wall of Piedra Negra. Created by Didier Jaba Mathieu it’s a really breathtaking artwork created in a futuristic style.

Now we are at the end of our little picture journey. I hope you enjoyed it and you got a little dose of daily inspiration ❤️

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