Do you have something in your mind that you always dreamed of? It might be a new hobby which you always wanted to try, a class you wanted to attend, or even the perfect job. Or maybe you want to create something new and make your own thing. These days there are so many options to explore and to find out what you like and what you don’t like. Sometimes it’s almost distracting cause we feel so overwhelmed with possibilities. But nevertheless everybody has other passions and things which make them feel energetic. To have the freedom to take chances and try something new, learn new skills and enhance our horizon is such a privilege.

So whatever it is you always thought of trying out and never did – DO IT. Often we think it’s not a good moment to start. We want to have everything perfect. But that’s impossible – What is perfection? If everything would be perfect our world would be static. Nothing would be in movement. We are here to grow. But sometimes we’re so much in concern of what others might think, that we don’t even try what we feel in our hearts being right.

Fact is, there will never be a more perfect moment than right NOW.

Cause this moment is all you have. In this very moment you have all the ability to start your journey to whatever goal / dream / adventure you want to go. By doing the first step you allow yourself to start your path towards it. You give yourself the chance to grow and get to know new strengths of yourself, or find out it’s not how you thought it would be and find yourself in another place. What’s for sure you will get to know yourself better, find people with similar interests, or mindsets and have more and more courage to make your own way.  It’s all about doing what you love. Do what makes your heart sing, your eyes bright and your mind peaceful. JUST DO IT NOW.