Do you also have this moments where you feel overwhelmed by a deep feeling of gratitude? It might be for the wonderful people in your life, a sunset that inks the sky, the abundance of wealth that we are blessed with, or just by realizing how magical life is – it cannot be put into words and there’s still so much more that we can’t even think of.

But there are also the times when we get stuck with our emotions and thoughts in a trap of negativity, or sadness. Clearly this feelings are justified and shouldn’t be suppressed, but they often let us forget about the good things and blessings we have, because we put our whole focus and energy solely on what drains us down.

And this is absolutely normal. It’s a natural habit of our brains, that events of danger or difficulties have more presence than the good once. It’s a survival tool that we inherited from our early ancestors.

We all want to feel fulfillment, love, happiness and joy in our lifes. The habit of putting energy and power into complaints, feelings of lack and sadness therefore is causing harm and puts us obviously down. Not just in our mind and the way how we feel about ourselves and the world, but also in the outer world because we shape our world in the way our inner world looks like.

How to change this habit?

First of all, never try to suppress negative emotions and thoughts. This will create an even bigger focus on what you don’t want. Be aware of it, accept it and let it go. Remember that you are not your thoughts. You are pure love. It’s your true essence. And then remind yourself about all the things you’re grateful for.

It’s like a simple exercise. Why would we just train our bodies to feel good and not our mind too? When everything we create starts in our mind.

It takes such a small effort and has such a big impact in our lifes. One that will shift life into a much more beautiful and happy place!

All it needs are 5 minutes for yourself a day to appreciate consciously in your mind what you’re grateful for. Even better than that… write it down. We have about 50’000 – 70’000 thoughts a day. If you write your thoughts down, you’re giving them more presence and importancy in your reality. Give it a GO! Even just for one week and find out for yourself if it works for you.

If you still need some more explanation of how big the power of gratitude is – here we go:

So maybes you’ve heard of the studies about water. Over the recent years there have been several tests where the influence of frequencies, emotions, music, thoughts and words were tested in consideration of how the structure of water reacts and adjusts. In all of this experiments the watercrystals got into a very beautiful formation, when they were in touch with for example thoughts of gratitude and loving emotions. With other words the frequencies changed the shape of the water. And now just think about how much water is in yourself. How much water is on our planet. Just imagine how much we can change by just filling our mind with the loving energy that we already have in us. Water is just another form of energy. Everything is energy.

Create with gratitude

You can of course also use gratitude as a tool for your goals and dreams in life. Therefore think as if your dream is already reality in your life, by thanking for it. In this way the frequency that you put out into the world is no longer the one of desire and longing but the one of fulfillment, unity and happiness. This has the effect of having your frequency on the level where it attracts exactly this attributes into your life. You will be amazed! It’s fantastic!


Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this article and that your life is rich of moments filled with gratitude! ?